4th Spirit of Humanity Forum 2019

Discovering Harmony in a World of Difference: Spiritual Resilience in Practice
Reykjavik, 30 May-1 June 2019

Can we bring about a shift in human consciousness towards a rediscovery of Harmony as an innate property of our being? A shift that can help us to perceive difference not as a threat, but as a creative driving force for collaboration and Harmony?

The Spirit of Humanity Forum is now in its fourth year and this year’s event puts principles of Harmony at its heart.  The 2019 event will have as its focus: ‘Discovering Harmony in a world of difference – Spiritual resilience in practice’.

This takes as its starting point the recognition that our world is characterised by diversity and interdependence. They are virtues that have allowed healthy societies and harmonious ecosystems to flourish for millennia. However, in our current times the presence of difference can often engender dynamics of tension and anxiety.

When people have divergent needs and interests, and varying degrees of access to resources, opportunities and power, such dynamics can easily divide people and communities. Such divisiveness can lead to antagonistic relationships, and ultimately dehumanisation. Dehumanisation has been at the root of much institutionalised discrimination, inequality and injustice. The result has been poverty, exploitation, war, and the violent displacement of people and of entire communities. Such struggles and discords can render our world hostile.

The importance of harmony and interconnectedness

From here, the forum seeks to explore the relational practices that could be fostered to deepen interconnectedness. How can spiritual resilience help sustain generative relationships and harmony? How can spiritual qualities can be nurtured in individuals, communities and institutions? How can spirituality help shift social institutions and systems towards greater harmony and peace?

The Spirit of Humanity Forum 2019 will feature a wide range of activities. These will include inspirational personal sharing, panel dialogues, experiential workshops, collective narrative and storytelling. The program also includes case studies and exemplars, contemplative reflection, informal conversations and rich Icelandic natural, cultural and artistic experiences.


Photograph: Richard Dunne

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