A Harmony Project Podcast with Pramisha Thapaliya

In this podcast, Richard Dunne talks to Pramisha Thapaliya – a passionate climate justice and sustainable food systems advocate from Nepal.

Pramisha shares her experiences growing up in Kathmandu and the changes that have taken place in her own lifetime. She describes the need for an education system in Nepal which prepares young people for the real world challenges that they will face, particularly in terms of climate change, and explains why she believes that an understanding of food systems is such an important part of this transformation.


Pramisha studied Agriculture Science and currently works as a Youth Ambassador for Real Food Systems, promoting the network’s message of ‘real food’. Since 2017, she has been leading YOUNGO Agriculture Working Group – (a children and youth constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

In 2019, she coordinated with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to publish, “Youth in motion for climate action”, which was officially launched at the United Nations Headquarter during Youth Climate Summit 2019 together with youth members and FAO Director General.

More recently Pramisha has started a podcast series in Nepali language, which aims to give basic information on climate change to Nepali language speaking communities of Nepal.

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