A Harmony Project Podcast with Sir Anthony Seldon

The Harmony Project podcast series explores the state of education, particularly in light of the coronavirus and home schooling, and where education might go next.

To kick start the re-launch of our popular podcast, The Harmony Project’s Director of Education Richard Dunne speaks to Sir Anthony Seldon, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, contemporary historian and public educator. During the conversation, Richard and Anthony discuss the importance of valuing wellbeing in the classroom and how we can create a more inclusive education system for the future. To do this, Anthony suggests we need to release the notion that ‘all that matters is what can be measured’ and transition away from the current culture of quantification and examination…

“We have compressed the entire education system into metrics, not because they’re inherently good but because they’re there. But the problem is that they’re not telling us how intelligent a child actually is, but how good they are at passing a test on a particular day. Now imagine what would happen if we start to focus on values such as wellbeing, joy, creativity and, of course, Nature? Now that’s when the real revolution will begin.”

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Jane Austen Armstrong
Jane Austen Armstrong
5th June 2020 9:54 am

Fantastic, this really needs to be listened to by all in Education. If we work on these principles then what a better and happier world of education we will have for all. Let’s hold on to the hope and keep driving forward, now is the time to do so😀
It is always uplifting to hear Sir Anthony speak, I have always gained so much from the Festival of Education that he started. Look out for that next year and thank you.

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