About Our Events

Through a dissemination and sharing of ideas, our events seek to demonstrate how principles of Harmony can be put into practice, and to create a network of Harmony Practitioners.

Our hope is that people will walk away from our events with a greater understanding of why nature’s principles of Harmony are so relevant – and important – if we are to change our current unsustainable practices. The Harmony Project events programme will promote the practical application of principles of Harmony, with a focus on living well and being well at both an individual and communal level.

Each of our events will reference best practice, living out the Harmony ethos that we promote. The food served at the event will be seasonal and embrace the farm-to-table ethos. The educational programmes and workshops offered will make Harmony in practice their focus. The events will nurture each individual’s experience of Harmony, and we encourage all who are interested in learning from Nature, as well as those seeking to apply principles of Harmony, to partake.

Visit our Education Events, Food and Farming Events and Living in Harmony Events sections to find out more.

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