Anthony Rodale to run ultra marathon for The Harmony Project

Chair of the Sustainable Food Trust Board of Trustees, Anthony Rodale has decided to show his generous support for the newly launched Harmony Project by taking on the challenge of running the Trans Atlas Marathon in Morocco this June. One of the most difficult ultra marathons in the world, the race covers 185 miles of mountainous terrain over six days.

Anthony was inspired by the idea that if we are to live within planetary boundaries, we must learn from Nature and recognise the interconnectedness of all life on earth. This includes recognising the connections between farming practice, food quality, and public health, as well as the preservation of natural capital and biodiversity.

The connection between Anthony’s run and the Harmony Project is not simply based on his support of the Project’s mission – to encourage a global understanding of the Harmony Principles and the way in which they can help us make sense of the world in which we find ourselves – but stems from a deep-rooted connection to the Harmony principles that are expressed when he runs. To explain more about the Harmony Run, Anthony is writing a series of blogs, the introduction to which you can read here. The first principle of Harmony that Anthony discusses is Interdependence and in this article he explores how it manifests in his running journey through the mind, body, spirit and tribe.

In support of the huge challenge that Anthony is undertaking, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Food Trust, Patrick Holden shares his message of support in this recording.

All of the funds raised will go directly the The Harmony Project, allowing us to continue our work across education, food and farming. If you wish to donate, please click here.

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