David Cadman

David Cadman is a Quaker writer. Originally an urban land economist, he has held a number of professorial chairs and fellowships, and is presently a Harmony Professor of Practice at the University of Wales Trinity St David, where he is exploring principles of harmony as an integrative discipline for the future. He is the author of several books. Together with Scherto Gill of the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace, of which he is an Associate, he has co-edited two series of essays. The first was published by Peter Lang in 2016 under the title of “Why Love Matters,” and the second, “Peacefulness” was published in 2017 by the Spirit of Humanity Press. Under the pseudonym of William Blyghton, he has published a collection of ‘fables of our time,’ titled “Finding Elsewhere,” and is the author of “The Suffolk Trilogy,” the first part of which, “The House by the Marsh,” was published in 2017. The second part, “Abraham Soar” was published in 2018, and the third part, “Noah: An Old Fool,” was published in 2019. David, was the co-compiler and editor of the first two volumes of the collected speeches and articles of HRH The Prince of Wales, 1968-2012, published by the University of Wales Press in 2014, and the compiler and editor of a third volume, which was published in 2019. Together with Patrick Holden of the Sustainable Food Trust and Richard Dunne, David is supervising the Trust’s Harmony Project, working closely with the Harmony Institute of the University of Wales Trinity St David. David’s work can be found at davidcadmanatwork.com and willliamblyghton.com

The following reflects discussions that have begun to take place at the University of Wales TSD as part of the University’s Harmony programme. This note is intended as a possible prompt for furthering these... more
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David Cadman reflects on the ideas of HRH The Prince of Wales about Nature's principles of Harmony and the need today, more than ever, to develop a more harmonious relationship between humankind and the natural... more
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