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Harmony Schools are committed to applying Nature’s principles of Harmony in an educational setting. The articles featured in this section have been created to support schools, leadership teams, teachers and educators develop their own practice built on Harmony principles.

This is the first section of our research into the development of a Harmony curriculum at Ashley School. In this section, we explore the values at the heart of the school and the core beliefs underpinning teaching and learning there. The section goes on to consider how the school's commitment to meaningful, contextualised and purposeful learning has contributed to the development of a distinctive curriculum built on principles of Harmony that we see in Nature.... more
large Tudor Knot Garden design
'Harmony principles are about enabling a better understanding of how everything interconnects in a complex web of relationships that work in ever-changing, awe-inspiring ways.' In this section of Harmony: A new way of look at and learning about our world, you will find an overview of the Learning Enquiries around... more
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'If we are to take seriously the idea of a sustainable future, then the current education system is not fit for purpose. This is not to decry the need for high standards and rigour in education. Rather it is a call to re-contextualize learning, to join it up... more
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