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The Harmony in Education Teachers’ Guide charts the development of an educational framework based on Nature’s principles of Harmony at Ashley CofE Primary School over a ten-year period. It provides inspiration and practical information for schools, MATs, teachers and other educators who are looking to apply principles of Harmony to their own practice.

The teachers' guide, Harmony: A new way of looking at and learning about our world  was written by Richard Dunne, Headteacher of Ashley C of E Primary School. Inspired by the Prince of Wales’s book, Harmony: A new way of looking at the world , the school has spent several years developing a curriculum informed by Nature’s principles of Harmony. These principles speak of a world of well-being, balance and a way of living that works - and has worked - for millions of years.... more
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'Harmony principles are about enabling a better understanding of how everything interconnects in a complex web of relationships that work in ever-changing, awe-inspiring ways.' In this section of Harmony: A new way of look at and learning about our world, you will find an overview of the Learning Enquiries around... more
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'If we are to take seriously the idea of a sustainable future, then the current education system is not fit for purpose. This is not to decry the need for high standards and rigour in education. Rather it is a call to re-contextualize learning, to join it up... more
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When leading any project, it can be difficult to find a balance between collaborative and directive approaches, particularly where a change to established working practices is involved. This has been true in leading the development and implementation of a Harmony curriculum at Ashley Primary School. Although the... more
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