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We are establishing a number of educational centres, known as Harmony Hubs, which will act as stages for the delivery of Harmony in practice. The articles in this section provide examples of the kinds of agricultural, horticultural, nature conservation and food-producing centres, at which educational workshops and training will be offered.

HRH The Prince of Wales gave a keynote address at the Sustainable Food Trust's Harmony in Food and Farming conference in July 2017, where he spoke about the principles of Harmony for the first time. Here we publish a transcript and film of his full... more
If we were to review our particular fields of activity through a Harmony lens, how would this inspiration find expression in our future work? Founder and Chief Executive of the Sustainable Food Trust, Patrick Holden, reflects on how he has been influenced by principles of Harmony.... more
I have always believed that it is possible, if we farm in harmony with nature, for the vast community of bacteria, fungi, soil-invertebrates, wildflowers, insects, amphibians, birds and small mammals to coexist in a balanced way with a food production system – even if the farmer, in this case me,... more
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