Living in Harmony

Living in Harmony seeks ideas and practices that can inspire us to live out principles of Harmony in our everyday lives – in our families, in our communities, in our public institutions, and globally. There is also a philosophical aspect to this work, drawing on the timeless wisdom of great spiritual traditions to encourage a way of living and being that is shaped by the application of principles of Harmony.

Jeremy Naydler, Ph.D., is a philosopher who specialises in the religious life of ancient cultures. In this essay, Jeremy explores Harmony and the Perennial Philosophy.... more
In this essay, Bhai Sahib (Dr) Mohinder Singh shares his understanding of what constitutes a harmonious way of living from a Sikh perspective. Harmony, he explains, can "re-energize and regenerate our relationships, interactions and the ways in which we can work together". Whilst representing a balanced state, harmony is... more
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