Harmony in Food and Farming Conference: Parallel Sessions

During the Sustainable Food Trust’s Harmony in Food and Farming conference, speakers in a range of parallel sessions discussed principles of Harmony in food and farming and other related fields. Here you can watch the conference sessions in full.

The Farm as an Ecosystem 

This panel discussion explores the ways in which farms of the future could be managed as healthy, self-sustaining systems which depend less on external inputs, and incorporate plants and animals that are adapted to their unique environments.

Moderator: Lawrence Woodward, Organic Research Centre


Helen Browning, Soil Association

Ian Wilkinson, Cotswold Seeds

Richard Young, Sustainable Food Trust

John Meadley, Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

Science and Spirituality 

Science is catching up with intuition and breaking new boundaries in our understanding of Harmony Principles. In this session the panelists explore some of these connections, including pilgrimage, meditation, and gratitude.


Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and author

Professor Nicolas Campion, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Marc Andrus, Bishop of California

Harmony Principles in Farm Architecture 

This panel discussion explores how the design of farms and farm buildings can be beautiful, functional and express a sense of place. The themes include the importance of local materials and urban food system design.


Mark Hoare, Hoare Ridge & Morris


Kim Wilkie, Royal Designer for Industry

Stephanie Evans, Advisor to The National Trust

Harmony in Local Food Systems

This panel discussion explores the opportunities for a transition towards re-localised food systems, away from the present commodity-based, globalised models of production and distribution.

Moderator: Haydn Evans, Parceithin Farm


Gareth Wyn Jones, Farmer and television presenter

Dr. Jane Davidson, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Ben Pugh, Farmdrop

Duncan Catchpole, Cambridge Organic Food Co

Farming in Harmony with Nature

Modern farming methods have confined nature to the margins of otherwise intensively farmed land. This panel discussion explores how biodiversity, in all its forms, can be reintegrated into farming systems?

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Vogtmann


Mike Clarke, RSPB

Ian Boyd, Whittington Farm Lodge and Photographer

Rebecca Hosking, Village Farm

Justin Adams, Nature Conservancy

Agriculture’s Role in Re-balancing the Carbon Cycle 

Over the last 50 years, agriculture has shifted from a being cyclical system of carbon renewal to a major contributor to climate change. In this discussion panelists explore how farmers can become better stewards of carbon, and help to reverse this trend.

Moderator: Charlotte Russell, The Eden Project


Craig Sams, Carbon Gold

Peter Segger, Blaencamel Farm

Richard Young, Sustainable Food Trust

Harmony, Diets and Health 

Modern food systems are undermining the health of societies throughout the world. This panel discussion explores the links between farming practice, food quality and physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Moderator: Dr. Martin Scurr, GP and columnist


Graham Harvey, Journalist and writer

Prof. Aruni Bhatnagar, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Prof. Dr. Angelika Ploeger, University of Kassel, Germany

Harmony and the Circular Economy 

In this panel discussion the question is explored: How can agriculture respond to the vision of shifting to a circular economy which recognises the finite nature of natural resources and the need to observe the law of return?

Moderator: Guillermo Castilleja, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation


Patrick Holden, The Sustainable Food Trust

John Fullerton, The Capital Institute

Volkert Engelsman, Eosta

Harmony and Biodynamic Agriculture 

This panel discussion explores the ways in which the ideas and intuitions of Rudolf Steiner, which inspired the development of biodynamic farming, connect with the Harmony philosophy, principles and practices.

Moderator: Thomas Harttung, Sustainable Food Trust and Aarstiderne


Peter Brown, Biodynamic Association

Ed Berger, Ruskin Mill Trust

Alex Valsecchi, Albury Organic Vineyard

Ueli Huerter, Goetheanum

Principles of Harmony in Education 

This discussion explores how harmony thinking can be applied effectively in education, by inspiring children to become future leaders through enquiries of learning.


Richard Dunne, Ashley Cof E Primary School

Natasha Beeby, Ashley CofE Primary School

Sacred Life, Sacred Death

Industrial practices have dehumanised livestock production and slaughter. This panel discussion explores whether Harmony thinking can inform a transformation of attitudes and practice in relation to farm animals, both in life and in death?

Prof. John Webster


Muhsen Hassanin, Halal Butcher

Rosamund Young, Kites Nest Farm and Author of ‘The Secret Lives of Cows’

Lutfi Radwan, Willowbrook Farm

Ruth Tudor, Trealy Farm

The Music of Spheres

If music is in part inspired by nature, how can we build a bridge between music, the principles of harmony which inform the musical scale and the practice of agriculture?

Moderator: Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Conductor


Guy Hayward and Will Parsons, British Pilgrimage Trust

Kayleen Asbo, mythologist and musician

Reconciling Systemic Discord 

How can we reconcile the underlying tensions that give rise to disharmony in the world? This session explores the evolving discipline and practice of systemic constellation work.


Gaye Donaldson, Kindred constellations

Nick Mayhew, Integral Change Consulting

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