Harmony in Education 

At the Harmony in Food and Farming conference, Harmony in Education Lead and Headteacher of Ashley CofE Primary School, Richard Dunne, spoke of his clear vision for the future of education – a curriculum informed by the principles of Harmony and based upon what he calls “enquiries of learning”.

In education, the idea of connectedness means that rather than separating out the different subjects – individually studying maths or science, art, geography or music – a topic like climate change would become the subject of an enquiry of learning, with all key disciplines explored in reference to the topic.

Richard Dunne described this as a “project-based” approach, in which it is possible to fulfil curriculum requirements in an inter-connected way that is both engaging and stimulating for children. He explained the significance of a ‘harmonious’ education system, based on a flexible curriculum informed by seven key Harmony Principles, including nature’s cyclical structures – seasons, weather patterns, water, food and carbon cycles, as well as interdependence, geometry, diversity, well-being and oneness.

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