The Harmony Institute at UWTSD

The Harmony Institute is embedded in the University of Wales Trinity St David (UWTSD) and aims to develop academic inquiry into Harmony and its applications. It builds on the work of the Harmony Initiative, which was established in 2015 and which has held conferences at the University.

ripple pattern in sandThe exploration of Harmony at the University of Wales Trinity St Davids and at the Harmony Institute is guided by the definition given by Harmony Professor of Practice, UWTSDDavid Cadman:

Harmony is an expression of wholeness, a way of looking at ourselves and the world of which we are part. It’s about connections and relationships. The emotional, intellectual and physical are all connected. We are connected to our environments, both built and natural; and all the parts of our communities and their environments are connected, too. Harmony asks questions about relationship, justice, fairness and respect in economic, social and political relationships. As an integrative discipline it can be expressed in ideas and practice.


The University and the Institute also reference the classical concept of Harmony, as expressed by Nick Campion, Director, The Harmony Institute:

The Greek philosophers developed the concept that the entire universe is a single integrated whole. The movements of the stars and planets make sounds as they travel, and, if we could hear these, they would make a beautiful sound. This is the foundation of the ‘Harmony of the Spheres’. The same ideas of universal balance and the integration of all things also occurs in many non-western and indigenous cultures. Our current concern is to contextualise such notions within a framework of social justice and equality.

The Institute aims to:

  • Encourage and facilitate the development of Harmony courses and the integration of Harmony content into other courses at UWTSD
  • Run a series of events exploring aspects of Harmony at in the University
  • Publish Harmony literature
  • Create an academic foundation for Harmony with reference to concepts of Harmony in history and philosophy e.g. Greek, Chinese, Indian, indigenous
  • Work closely with the Interfaith Institute, the Sophia Centre, INSPIRE and any other parallel developments in UWTSD
  • Maintain and develop links with Harmony activities outside UWTSD, as well as institutions such as the Temenos Academy, Schumacher College and the Strata Florida Trust, the Sustainable Food Trust and Dumfries House, and those applying principles of Harmony in different fields, such as Richard Dunne an his work around Harmony in Education
  • Work to support the principles of the Well Being of Future Generations Act.


Photograph: Richard Dunne

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