Linking Principles and Values

Inspired by the Prince of Wales' book 'Harmony', Education Lead, Richard Dunne, has chosen seven key principles that can help us live and work in harmony with Nature and with one another.

As work began to develop on principles of Harmony, Richard saw opportunities to link the principles directly to a set of values.

Although categorising and connecting principles and values is somewhat arbitrary, we have sought to align them one to another.

It is our way of helping make sense of how principles and natural laws can inform and influence the values that we believe are important and that we want to live by.

Currently we are working with the following principles in the areas of education and food and farming, however the list is neither definitive nor exclusive. The principles are simply one interpretation of how Nature maintains balance, well-being and Harmony.


Harmony Principles


Quality and Understanding 


Friendship, Cooperation, Trust 


Care, Truth, Happiness


Belonging, Responsibility, Hope

The Cycle

Fairness, Equality, Simplicity


Love, Peace, Unity 


Respect, Courage, Appreciation 



Photograph: Richard Dunne 

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