'Joined-up learning': Rethinking our notion of holistic education

Most educators would agree that the educational experiences and settings we create in our schools should nurture the holistic development of the individual. But do we give enough attention to developing that individual's sense of their own connection to the wider systems they are part of? Writing in Learning for Well-Being magazine, Emilie Martin asks: Is it time to rethink our perspective on holistic education?

For most teachers and educators, the desire to nurture children’s emotional, mental and physical well-being, as well as their academic success, is a strong motivator.

But are we supporting the development of our young people effectively if we stop here? Do we need to look beyond the holistic development of the individual in isolation and adopt a ‘whole-istic’ view of their development within the context of the wider systems they are part of?

This article asks whether is it time that ‘we moved beyond a view of holistic education centred on the individual, towards a more systems-based definition that would also nurture that individual’s understanding of their connectedness to the wider world and the connectedness of all life? And, if so, how can we create an educational experience which goes beyond the whole person to focus on an individual’s sense of themselves in relation to something bigger?

Read the whole article here.

Learning for Well-Being Magazine is the online journal of the Learning for Well-Being Foundation.

Launched in 2016 and published twice a year, the sixth issue of the magazine gives readers multiple perspectives on the theme of competent systems.



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