Our mission

Harmony is a new way of looking at our world and The Harmony Project explores Nature's principles of Harmony and how they can be applied in practice. The Project seeks to establish a deeper understanding of Harmony and a global community of Harmony Practitioners.

A Harmony Project Podcast with Nizam Uddin

by The Harmony Project
In this podcast, Richard Dunne speaks to Nizam Uddin, Senior Head of Mosaic and Community Integration at The Prince's... more

A Harmony Project Podcast with Barny Haughton

by The Harmony Project
Founder of Square Food Foundation, Barny Haughton believes that food education should be playing a central role in health and education policy both at local and national government... more

Satish Kumar: From Monologue to Dialogue

by The Harmony Project
In this article, Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus of Resurgence Magazine, shares some personal reflections on the coronavirus and what lessons we might learn from the... more
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