Our mission

Harmony is a new way of looking at our world and The Harmony Project explores Nature's principles of Harmony and how they can be applied in practice. The Project seeks to establish a deeper understanding of Harmony and a global community of Harmony Practitioners.

children arranging vesica-shaped wooden blocks in petal formations

‘Joined-up learning’: Rethinking our notion of holistic education

by Emilie Martin
Writing in Learning for Well-Being magazine, Emilie Martin asks: 'Is it time to rethink our perspective on holistic... more

A Harmony Project Podcast with Barny Haughton

by The Harmony Project
Founder of Square Food Foundation, Barny Haughton believes that food education should be playing a central role in health and education policy both at local and national government... more

A Harmony Project Podcast with Professor David Cadman

by The Harmony Project
During this podcast, Richard Dunne speaks to Professor and advisor to The Harmony Project, David... more
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