The Harmony Project

Our mission

Harmony is a new way of looking at our world and The Harmony Project explores principles of Harmony and how they can be applied in practice. The Project seeks to establish a deeper understanding of Harmony and a global community of Harmony Practitioners.

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Applying principles of Harmony to learning

by Richard Dunne
'There is now overwhelming evidence that humanity is living beyond its means, consuming and polluting in ways that are exhausting and degrading the natural world and impacting on the lives of the most vulnerable.' Ashley CofE Primary School is pioneering a curriculum based on Nature's principles of Harmony. Its Headteacher, Richard Dunne, explains why.... more

Patrick’s Farm: Nature

by Patrick Holden
I have always believed that it is possible, if we farm in harmony with nature, for the vast community of bacteria, fungi, soil-invertebrates, wildflowers, insects, amphibians, birds and small mammals to coexist in a balanced way with a food production system – even if the farmer, in this case me, is determined to produce as much food as possible. In this blog, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Food Trust, Patrick Holden, explains why he believes that it is possible to farm in harmony with nature under sympathetic land... more
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The Quest for Harmony

by David Cadman
David Cadman reflects on the ideas of HRH The Prince of Wales about Nature's principles of Harmony and the need today, more than ever, to develop a more harmonious relationship between humankind and the natural... more