Our mission

Harmony is a new way of looking at our world and The Harmony Project explores Nature's principles of Harmony and how they can be applied in practice. The Project seeks to establish a deeper understanding of Harmony and a global community of Harmony Practitioners.

Future of Food Education

The Future of Food Education

by The Harmony Project
The Harmony Project will be holding another fascinating webinar with Kim Smith, Trustee and Co-Chair of TastEd, on the 7th October 2021 to explore how food education could be improved in the... more

Harmony in the hive: What bees need

by Bonnie Welch
To live in harmony with nature, we too must become stewards of natural capital, acknowledging and nurturing vitally important species like bees, the original stewards of the... more

Harmony and the Perennial Philosophy

by The Harmony Project
Jeremy Naydler, Ph.D., is a philosopher who specialises in the religious life of ancient cultures. In this essay, Jeremy explores Harmony and the Perennial Philosophy.... more
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