Bringing sustainability and climate change into the classroom


Develop an understanding of how to teach sustainability and climate change within a progressive curriculum.

The recently published DfE Sustainability and Climate Change strategy states that by 2025, all education settings should have nominated a sustainability lead and put in place a climate action plan. Few primary schools are prepared for these changes. Reviewing the extent to which issues of sustainability and climate change feature in teaching and learning in your setting, and identifying how this can be developed, is a great starting point. With that in mind, we’d like to invite you to an online event, at which you’ll learn how to bring sustainability and climate change into your classroom, school curriculum, school grounds and community.

This short course will give you:

– increased knowledge of sustainability issues and climate change
– deeper understanding of the key features of a progressive and creative curriculum
– practical experience of high-quality sustainability and climate change teaching and learning at different stages
– increased confidence, resources, and inspiration to design and resource your own challenging and progressive programmes of study about sustainability and climate change in your setting

About your course leaders:

Gyles Morris is a specialist consultant in, and leading provider of Primary Outdoor Learning, Geography, History and sustainability working across the UK and internationally, training teachers and teaching children in a variety of classroom settings. He is a guest lecturer at the Institute of Education, UCL and the Royal Geographical Society. He combined his skills to become founder director of Naturesbase, a sustainable education centre. He is a true example of someone who ‘walks the talk’.

Richard Dunne has developed a school curriculum based on Nature’s principles of Harmony. These principles guide and inform the way a ‘Harmony curriculum’ is structured, providing a coherent and meaningful framework through which National Curriculum learning objectives can be delivered.

20th October 2023