What will we learn on our rainforest adventure?

Harmony Project Eden Project event

The Harmony Project and The Eden Project shared their latest rainforest resources for schools.

If you missed this event, watch it here

Education has a key role to play in helping young people engage with issues of sustainability, including climate change and biodiversity loss. But what does this look like in practice?

At this follow-up webinar to July’s ‘How can education help us rise to the challenge of climate change?’ event, we explored the importance of the rainforest and how we can help to preserve it, as well as shared examples of the rainforest-themed learning resources The Harmony Project and the Eden Project have developed in collaboration.

We were delighted to welcome Gill Mulholland from the The Eden Project education team to co-host this online event with The Harmony Project director, Richard Dunne.

Gill and Richard also shared a new project overview that they have been developing, which is specifically related to climate change.


Gill Mulholland

Gill leads Eden Project’s professional development work with schools, focusing on whole-school change for outdoor learning and nature-based play. She’s a geography teacher and environmental educator with many years’ experience working in schools, early years and informal education settings. She established Eden’s education programme for schools in 2000, bringing her giddy imagination and crowd-leading enthusiasm to this and all her other work. In 2018, she qualified as a Trauma-Informed Schools Practitioner and seeks to bring these perspectives to her outdoor learning and environmental education work.


The Eden Project, an educational charity, connects us with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work towards a better future. Eden’s work with children, young people, schools and teachers aims to inspire and motivate learners to build this future with:

  • A deep connection to the natural world
  • Knowledge and thinking skills to understand and manage the life support systems we live within and complex problems we face
  • The skills, imagination and resilience to work together to create it

Eden’s programmes encompass face-to-face and online visits for schools, training for teachers aspiring to embrace outdoor learning and education for sustainability – and most recently, collaborative work with The Harmony Project creating curriculum resources focused on key Eden themes such as biodiversity and climate change.