Short film: the principle of Health


When we consider the factors that ensure the health of the natural world and when we apply them to our own lives, we are able to live more sustainably.

The principle of Health highlights how the diversity of Nature, the cycles at work in it and the interdependent relationships that exist within natural systems all contribute to the health of the natural world. This highlights the impact that our choices and actions can have in threatening the health of the natural world, or in helping to restore it, and it also shows us how we can adopt healthier practices in our own lives, too.

“Natural systems are inherently healthy. The dynamic balance that exists within them ensures their well-being. Only when we put the well-being of the world around us at the heart of all we do, will we be able to live healthier, more sustainable lives. There is so much that we can learn from Nature that will help us work towards a healthier future.”

This film is one of a series of short films developed by The Harmony Project to help introduce the principles of Harmony in Nature, which are the basis of our approach to education and curriculum development. They can be used in the classroom or with staff to stimulate debate and exploration about this new way of learning and learning to live.

The other short films in this series include films focusing on the principle of Interdependence, the principle of Diversity, the principle of Adaptation and the principle of the Cycle.