Short film: the principle of Interdependence


Explore how everything in Nature is interconnected and how this understanding can inform a new way of living.

The principle of Interdependence highlights how each living thing within a natural system contributes to the health and balance of that system. We see this principle at work in the symbiotic relationship that exists between bees and wildflowers. This film is part of a series of short films, each of which has been developed to introduce a principle of Harmony and start discussion about it in schools and other education settings. We hope these films will help bring about a new way of looking at – and learning about – the world.

“Within natural systems, each species has a role to play. When a bee visits a flower, it doesn’t just collect nectar, it also contributes to the life cycle of the plant through pollination. These interdependent relationships ensure the well-being, not just of the individual, but of the system as a whole. When we consider the wider impact of the choices we make every day, we start to understand the role that we, too, play in our interdependent world.”

Other films in this series focus on the principles of Adaptation, Diversity and the Cycle.