Medium-term plan: What food do we get from farms?

EYFS Medium-term planning – What food do we get from farms

This enquiry of learning allows younger students to explore the role of farms and farmers in producing the food we eat.

Where does our food come from? How is it produced? The enquiry of learning set out in this medium-term planning focuses on farms and the food we get from farms. Linked to the principle of the Cycle, the learning allows children to find out where eggs come from and the role that seeds play in growing plants for food.

The medium-term planning shows how content from across the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum can be explored through the lens of food and farming. There is a strong focus on drama and storytelling linked to the traditional tale, The Three Little Pigs, drawing together Literacy and Communication & Language objectives, while the Maths foci explore telling the time linked to the farmer’s day and using physical objects such as seeds to work with numbers.

Children have the opportunity to learn how farm animals are cared for, linked to objectives for Understanding the World and Personal, Social and Emotional Development, and there is the option to hatch live eggs and care for the chicks in the classroom to support this learning.

The half-term’s learning is celebrated through a Great Work that sees the students retell the story of The Three Little Pigs through a dance performance for family members and carers, and there is a strong sustainability focus on food provenance set out in this medium-term planning.

This medium-term planning can be used as the basis for whole-class teaching and learning or alongside an approach that incorporates elements of continuous provision.

This enquiry links to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 12 Responsible Consumption and Production and 15 Life on Land.

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