Geometry lesson plan: What stars can we make with triangles?

Explore the geometry of stars with students in KS2

In this geometry activity for KS2, students explore how a 12-pointed star can be drawn using repeated triangles.

The downloadable guide for teachers has all the step-by-step instructions needed to lead this activity with students, along with a resource list and a photocopiable template to support learners. Once students have successfully drawn a dodecagram (a 12-pointed star), a follow-up activity challenges them to identify and continue the number sequence that emerges from the drawing task. In this way, the learning can be linked to number and shape in maths.

The activity works just as well as a standalone art activity and children could go on to use the star shape they have created to make their own star decoration.

This is the first activity in a pack of six geometry activities with a focus on star patterns that asks students ‘What can we learn from star patterns?‘. Find out more about the full pack here.