How can the principle of Oneness contribute to whole-school wellbeing?

We can engage with the principle of Oneness through learning and throughout the daily life of our schools

The principle of Oneness can provide a spiritual dimension to this work. It highlights that in order to appreciate Nature’s principles of Harmony fully, we need to find our own sense of peace, of belonging, of what some would call the divine.

How can we explore the principle of Oneness through mindfulness?

Establishing moments of silence in the school day offers a valuable opportunity to still our busy minds. These times of mindfulness or contemplation can be truly transformative and uplifting, taking us from the superficial, the matter-of-fact, the everyday, to a more meditative state of awareness and fulfilment – to a place of infinite love. Some might call this a union with God. Others might approach this in relation to mental and emotional wellbeing.

In all our learning about Harmony, we want our students to understand that they are part of something greater, to realise that the world that exists around them also exists in them. By understanding that they are wholly part of Nature, their way of seeing the world shifts to a different, more connected place.

Principle of oneness, whole-school wellbeing

Devoting time to moments of mindfulness every day enables students to appreciate a sense of oneness more fully. These quiet times in class or outside in Nature can take place at key points, particularly after playtime and lunchtime, and this silent space can be reinforced during their learning – notably when participating in geometry sessions. Many students will really value these times.

The discipline of mindfulness can help all of us develop a way of finding inner peace – students will be able to reference this throughout their lives. It is fundamental to their understanding of Harmony. And, of course, oneness relates to the fact that all the principles of Harmony are ultimately one. They can be drawn out and explored separately to develop a greater understanding of what they mean, but they are wholly integrated principles that work together as one complex whole.

How can we bring the principle of Oneness into learning?

Enquiries of learning linked to the principle of Oneness can explore how it has been interpreted over the years across religions, traditions and ways of life. How can we help our young people to find a sense of peace in their busy lives? How can we provide opportunities for our young people to rejoice in the oneness of life?

Themes for enquiries of learning linked to the principle of Oneness could include:

  • Oneness in ancient civilizations (Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt)
  • Oneness in religion
  • Oneness in other cultures
  • The oneness of the body and mind
  • The oneness of our planet
  • The oneness of Harmony principles