The Future of Education with Waqās Ahmed

In this podcast, Richard Dunne talks to Waqās Ahmed, the founder and CEO of the DaVinci Network, a global movement that aims to catalyse a cultural paradigm shift, away from hyper-specialisation and ‘silo culture’, towards the encouragement of connection-making between different fields, disciplines and cultures.

Join us for this podcast, to hear Waqās Ahmed discuss his journey of writing an internationally acclaimed book ‘The Polymath: Unlocking The Power of Human Versatility’, his fascination with the greatest polymath of our time: Leonardo Da Vinci and how this passion led him to produce a first-of-its-kind online course which explores the mind and methods of Leonardo da Vinci. Waqās discusses how Leonardo explored Nature, and how the principles of Harmony – including Interdependence, Diversity and Adaptation – were central to his thinking. He argues that this systems thinking is now urgently needed to address the complexity of 21st century challenges.

Waqās Ahmed is considered a world authority on multidisciplinary thinking. He is a Founding Faculty at the London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) and Visiting Fellow at the Open University Business School, where he explores interdisciplinary approaches to leadership, management and innovation. His ideas stem from extensive research and his own extraordinary diverse career spanning art, neuroscience, international affairs, health and fitness and world history.