Science subject leader handbook

A guide to science curriculum development and best practice through a Harmony lens

One of the greatest privileges that can be gifted to teachers and leaders in schools is the responsibility for curriculum design. The role of the ‘designer’ is to ensure that the curriculum offered meets statutory expectations and is informed by the most recent research and good practice.

Subject leader guides

Through our individual guides for subject leaders, we aim to ensure that the basic foundations of effective curriculum design remain firm. However, we also aim to ensure that leaders remain focused on, and energised by, the absolute joy that accompanies crafting a curriculum that is holistic, interconnected, rich in primary-focused best practice and rooted in Nature, community, hope, relevance and inspiration for both leaders and learners.

If designed well, a curriculum will shape children’s views of themselves, their relationships with others and their contribution to the world in which they live for the better.

We recognise that there will be a wealth of advice and guidance to steer the role of the science subject leader.

Within this guide we are focusing specifically on supporting the role of the science subject leader within a school that has taken the decision to place sustainability and Nature at the heart of learning.

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