Medium-term plan: How can we identify native trees through the seasons?

Y3 Planning Overview How can we identify native trees through the seasons

Use this medium-term planning to develop a KS2 enquiry of learning about trees native to the UK.

From alder and copper beech to goat willow and yew, the UK is home to a rich diversity of native trees. But how many of them are we able to identify confidently?

This medium-term planning outlines an enquiry of learning, linked to the principle of the Cycle, which gives students the opportunity to get to know our native tree species, to become experts in identifying them and to observe how they change through the seasons. They explore the life cycle of trees and learn how the different parts of a tree perform different functions that allow the tree to survive and thrive.

With strong links to National Curriculum science objectives for lower KS2, this enquiry of learning also presents a wealth of opportunities for geography fieldwork in the local area.

During this enquiry of learning, students are invited to taste native varieties of apple (or other tree fruits) and to plant fruit trees, where this is possible. The learning culminates in a Great Work which sees students prepare native tree guides to share their knowledge with others.

This enquiry links to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15 Life on Land.

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