Medium-term plan: What journey does a river take?

Y5 Planning Overview What journey does a river take

Create a cross-curricular half-term of teaching and learning for Year 5 on the theme of rivers. This medium-term planning shows you how.

Linked to the principle of the Cycle, the enquiry of learning set out in this medium-term planning focuses on the role rivers play in the water cycle and the journey they take from source to sea. It also explores sustainability issues such as the impact of climate change on flooding and the importance of having access to clean water.

This medium-term planning shows how subject content from across the curriculum can be drawn together. It references National Curriculum science content about changes of state as well as, for example, aspects of physical geography linked to the water cycle and geography fieldwork, and a focus in RE on the significance of water in major world religions.

The learning enquiry ‘What journey does a river take?’ can be tailored to include a specific focus on a local river. In this way, teaching and learning is adapted to the context of each school and its students, helping children to develop a strong sense of the place in which they live. The learning starts with a debate about the shape of water and a hands-on investigation into whether it is possible to make a bubble that isn’t spherical and ends with a Great Work that sees children share with others leaflets they have produced about the importance of water conservation.

This enquiry links to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 6 Clean Water and Sanitation and 15 Life on Land.

A great next-step from this enquiry of learning is the enquiry, ‘How can we ensure our oceans stay amazing?‘ which explores the interdependence found in our ocean ecosystems.

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