Short film: the principle of the Cycle


Use this short film to introduce the principle of the Cycle to staff, colleagues and students.

Each film in our series of short films focuses on one of the principles of Harmony in Nature that we work with at The Harmony Project, exploring where we see this principle in the natural world and what we can learn from it.

This film focuses on the principle of the Cycle. It provides an introduction to this principle of Harmony and has been developed to be used as a lesson starter, the stimulus for an assembly or as a resource to support staff training and professional development in schools that are adopting a Harmony approach.

“In Nature there is no waste. Every leaf that falls to the forest floor in autumn helps to sustain the new life that awakens the following spring. Nature’s systems are endlessly cyclical and regenerative, with times of growth, abundance and decay. They are models of sustainability that teach us how to live in the world of finite resources. They are models we must learn to replicate.”

Other films in this series focus on the principles of Adaptation, Diversity and Interdependence.