Geometry lesson plan: Why do we have cycles of day and night on Earth?

Download this free resource to explore one of the cycles of our Solar System with students.

This geometry activity is part of a Year 4 enquiry of learning about the Solar System, which asks Year 4 students: What are the cycles of our Solar System? This enquiry is linked to the principle of the Cycle and allows students to explore the attributes of the Solar System and the effect it has on life on Earth.

This activity can be used to introduce learning about the cycles of day and night on Earth, as part of the wider enquiry or as a standalone activity. Students explore how the cycles of day and night in one week can be represented visually with the division of a circle in seven using a compass and a ruler.

In the downloadable resource, step-by-step text instructions are provided as a guide for teachers, with accompanying diagrams, as well as photocopiable resources that can be used to simplify each activity for students requiring additional support. 

This activity is the first in a pack of six geometry activities which explore different cycles in our Solar System. To purchase the entire pack, click here.