Living in Harmony with Barney Swan

In this episode, we spoke to Barney Swan, a polar explorer and Nature-based solutions expert who is currently leading a restoration project in Daintree, Australia – the world's oldest rainforest and home to a unique range of flora and fauna.

Barney was born in London but, aged six, he and his family moved to an off-grid community in Daintree to live closer to, and in harmony with, Nature. This experience shaped Barney’s appreciation for the natural world and his understanding of its finite resources. This is why, after years of travelling and living in various parts of the world, he returned to the rainforest to restore and protect a place that played such a huge role in determining who he is today.

To broaden his global impact, Barney started the charity ClimateForce. Its mission is to equip businesses, students and citizens with sustainable development strategies to help reduce CO2 emissions and regenerate the planet, both on land and in the ocean.