Medium-term plan: How can we be superheroes?

Y1 Planning Overview How can we be superheroes

Bring the theme of superheroes to life in your classroom with this medium-term planning for KS1

Superheroes do great things for others. What better inspiration could there be for a half-term’s learning exploring and celebrating our strengths and differences and how we can use them to effect positive change? The superheroes enquiry of learning set out in this medium-term planning culminates in a Great Work that sees children use their skills and talents to do good things for others around the school or in the wider school community on Superhero Day.

Based on the principle of Diversity, this medium-term planning draws on National Curriculum objectives in a range of subjects, with a strong focus on Science content relating to the parts of the human body that are associated with our senses. The Geometry activities featured in this medium-term planning allow children to explore the patterns we see in our own bodies, which are also repeated throughout the natural world. This helps young children start to recognise that we are all part of Nature, rather than sitting apart from the natural world.

There are opportunities as part of this superheroes learning enquiry to establish or strengthen existing links with the wider school community, or local community. By reaching out to partners in learning, students can meet and ask questions of local ‘superheroes’ such as nurses, firefighters or volunteers from community groups about how the work they do helps others.

This enquiry links to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 Gender Equality.

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