How can we present the climate crisis to young people in an engaging way?

It’s Up To Us book

The Harmony Project is extremely pleased to be joined by author Christopher Lloyd to explore his new children's book about climate change, It's Up to Us, which is a unique collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation.

The book itself is an expression of Harmony, through its unique, global collaboration with more than 33 artists from around the world, who have joined together to tell the story of climate change in a powerful, positive and engaging way for young people.

The book features artworks from Aboriginal Australia to China and Kenya to the USA and depicts the story of our planet so far while providing hope to the next generation.

“We live our lives surrounded by people and other living things. Together, we are Nature. As far as we know, this extraordinary web of life exists in just one precious layer of a single planet – Earth. But today Nature is under threat, and we must demand change to save it – and ourselves.”

During this lively and interactive event, Christopher will explore the key challenges we all face in the future to try to restore Nature to balance and what we can do about them.