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Harmony in Education with Nizam Uddin
SO1 E05

A Harmony Project Podcast with Nizam Uddin

In this podcast, Richard Dunne speaks to Nizam Uddin, Senior Head of Mosaic and Community Integration at The Prince's Trust ...
Harmony in Education with Bridget Knight
SO1 E04

A Harmony Project Podcast with Bridget Knight

In this episode, Richard Dunne speaks to Headteacher and CEO of Values Based Education, Bridget Knight ...
Harmony in Education with Lord John Bird
SO1 E03

A Harmony Project Podcast with Lord John Bird

Richard Dunne speaks to an important guest - Lord John Bird, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Big Issue ...
Harmony in Education with Sarah Lawfull
SO1 E02

A Harmony Project Podcast with Sarah Lawfull

Richard Dunne talks to Forest School Association Director and trainer Sarah Lawfull ...
Harmony in Education with Sir Anthony Seldon
S01 E01

A Harmony Project Podcast with Sir Anthony Seldon

Richard Dunne speaks to Sir Anthony Seldon, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham ...